The Magical Seashell

Little Author Adaa

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Lucy. Lucy had two friends named Klara and Nagiko. On Monday, it was Nagiko’s birthday. She didn’t cut a cake but she gave return gifts. When the class saw them they weren’t grateful. Some started gossiping about the present. Some said it wasn’t real. It was just a seashell. The only people who liked it was Klara and Lucy. Lucy noticed something: they came in two different sizes. Some were big, some were small. Lucy got the big one and Klara got the small one. Lucy and Klara coined both of their seashells and BOOM they were in adventure land! They heard “If you want to get out of here say adventurous” then they both repeated that and they were back in school.


Little Author: Adaa, 8 years old

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